Team Manager reminders:

1.  New player Registrations:
-NOTIFY ISSA to request a temporary pdf pass which is only valid for 7 days, and let them know if you are picking up pass or request for it to be mailed. Also cc the age division director of the new player registration.

-THE EASIEST WAY TO REGISTER A NEW PLAYER TO YOUR ROSTER, MANAGERS login to your LeagueApps, and invite the new player from inside of your team Leagueapps team dashboard profile.  This way the player will be added to your roster and the player will receive an email from LeaguApps to accept and complete his registration.

2. Lars Hybel Rule: Mangers help the referee make sure they are checking passes, bring your players over to the referee to check player passes and game sheets before each game. If you are not aware of the Lars Hybel Rule ask your age division Director, before you consider making your own decision to allow a player to play without a verified valid registered player pass. 


4. The previous Certificate of Liability Insurance EXPIRED on 8/31/2018. The New Certificate for your home field is effective from 9/1/2018 and expires 8/31/2019. Each team manager is responsible for requesting the certificate and update your age division director that it is completed. Be sure you send a copy to the field owner/scheduler.

Managers any questions contact your age division director.

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