Returning Player Registration Instructions

Returning TCSL player registration to same team as last season

If you were registered in this system for your TCSL team in 2017, you will be added to the same team for the 2018 team roster and will receive an email from LeagueApps to complete/pay for your registration. Check your spam folders. Do not request to join your team again as you are already on it.  IF you are unclear on how to get into your player account, ask your team manager first.

Complete and pay your Registration

-Verify your dashboard shows your team name. 

-Verify you player Dashboard is complete; reader waiver then check off box that I have read waiver, verify e-mail address is correct, recent headshot is upright not sideways, no sunglasses or hats, make payment.

Returning TCSL players requesting to register with a different team

1. E-mail both managers, cc age division directors, with request for team transfer request.

2. Wait for next steps from League and team manager.

Secondary Team Registration Instructions

1. Complete and first pay your primary team registration

2. Email the ISSA Registrar Wilson Georges at which team is the primary and that you paid, which team is the secondary team, and cc both managers.  ISSA will review and update the secondary pass cost to $10. Do not pay the secondary registration until you receive an email back from ISSA. 

INCLUDE in the email: 
-Primary League Name, age division, team name and that you paid and completed your primary registration.

-Name of secondary League, age division and secondary team name.
-Email ISSA Registrar - proof of age verification if needed 

NOT ALLOWED: Cannot play on two teams in the same League age division. 


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