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Secondary Players: Review Secondary Team Registration Instructions Tab before proceeding. Any questions ask your team manager.

ALL players: Verify your waiver box is checked in your player dashboard and that your registration is complete. Verify your headshot is recent, that it did not load sideways, and does not have sunglasses or a hat.

NEW players to TCSL (managers invite the new players from inside of your LeagueApps team dashboard)

1.  Contact the League Age division Director/team manager for approval/invitation to register on that team. 

2.  Once approved, upload a recent head shot picture of yourself for the player pass ID, read and check off Waiver box, e-mail proof of age to the ISSA registrar Wilson Georges at ILStateSoccer@gmail.com. Accepted Legal forms of ID: State Issued Drivers License, State issued ID or a Passport. Manager will notify ISSA of new player registration for player pass.

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