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Players welcome to the Tri-County Soccer League 2018 Fall Season! 

Registration questions ask your team manger. 

The "login" to your player account is in the upper right corner, and if you forgot your password click on forgot your password.

IF you are a new player to Tri-County Soccer league, contact the age division director.

IF you play in two age divisions, first pay for the primary team registration.
See the Secondary Team Registration Instructions Tab above.

: Due to Insurance Liability; a player cannot step foot on the field of play for a League sanctioned game without a valid registered ISSA issued hard plastic copy player pass, or approved ISSA/League approved pdf paper pass.

During the season new player registrations:


1. MANAGERS login to your LeagueApps, and invite the new player from inside of your team Leagueapps team dashboard profile.  The new player will be added to your roster and the player will receive an email from LeaguApps to accept and complete his registration.

2. Team Manager's contact ISSA that a new player registered to request the pass to be mailed or if picking up.  ISSA will review and will email the pdf pass to the team manager and cc the age division directors which is valid for only 7 days.

2. The League Age division Director will notify the game referee assignor of any approved pdf paper player passes.

3. Managers have the option to pick up paid verified plastic player passes from the NEW ISSA office in Arlington Heights.  E-mail FIRST to verify the player registration is paid, completed and that the pass is ready for pickup. 

NEW ISSA OFFICE Location: 2025 South Arlington Heights Rd, Suite 111 Arlington Heights, IL  60005. 

ISSA Registrar: Email:

Good luck and have a fun safe season.

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