Secondary Team Registration Instructions

Secondary Team Registration Instructions
Note: If a player signed up first paid first with a different League, then signs up with a team in Tri County Soccer League- the TCSL registration is considered a secondary registration. 

1. Complete your primary team registration and pay the $25 in full first.

2. Returning to same Secondary team:  The secondary registration was copied over, complete the registration and if the $10 secondary price was not adjusted, then Email ISSA Registrar Wilson Georges at, cc the age division directors and the team managers , include the information below so Wilson can review and confirm the secondary $10 adjustment is completed.

3. IF NEW to a secondary team, email everyone above and include same information below so the it can be reviewed and adjusted.
Include in the email request:

-Primary League Name, age division, team name and that you completed and paid your primary registration.
-Name of secondary League, age division and secondary team name.
-IF new to that secondary age team, email ISSA Registrar - Wilson Georges proof of age verification:
-When review/approval is complete and secondary price is adjsuted to $10, player will receive email.

NOT ALLOWED: Cannot play on two teams in the same age division.

Any questions: Contact Rolando Gonzalez. Email on website.

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