Team Manager reminders:

1. During the season New player Registration Reminders:
-Managers email the ISSA registrar and cc the age division director of the new player registration. ISSA will verify the new registration registration request. When the review is completed the player pass will be mailed out to the team manager.

-THE EASIEST WAY TO ADD A NEW PLAYER TO YOUR ROSTER, is to invite the new player from inside of your team Leagueapps team dashboard profile. By doing it in this way the player will be automatically tied to your team your roster.  When they receive your email from LeagueApps they will click on the link in their email to begin their registration. IF the new player is a secondary registration, email the secondary team request to ISSA registrar, age division director and cc team managers involved.

2. REQUIRED: HELP REFEREE BRING your players over to the referee to check player passes and game sheets before each game. That is required. This comes from the Lars Hybel rule. If you are not aware of the Lars Hybel Rule contact the league President Rolando Gonzalez, before you consider making your own decision to allow a player to play without a verified valid pass. 


4. Certificate of Liability Insurance-  Required for your home field.  The current certificate dates are from 9/1/2016 to 8/31/2017.  Verify you submitted if not sure ask your age division director or Rolando Gonzalez.  Ceritificate is on the website and on the ISSA website.
Completed certificates email
Wilson Georges:

5. Any questions, concerns, send an email to League President Rolando Gonzalez or the age division directors Kevin Hoffman for over 40 and David Parry for over48. Those emails are on the website home page.

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